whether you need a quick bootcamp to get started or want a deep-dive into accessibility. Editor or developer, i'll teach you more on digital accessibility!

Digital accessibility bootcamp

The Digital Accessibility Bootcamp is a training in which a nice foundation of knowledge is laid within your organization around digital accessibility. Where the awareness sessions are mainly intended to provide a broader group with general insight in what digital accessibility entails, this bootcamp goes a step further.

We'll dive deeper into WCAG guidelines and concepts such as Inclusive Design. This way your skills to develop websites and other web content, that can be used by everyone, will increase.

We'll look at what makes a website accessible and how you can achieve that goal. We also look closer at your website(s) and the CMS used and how you can create comprehensible content with the tools you have.

If you have an accessible website, how do you keep it accessible? As an organization, how do you deal with new products that you purchase? What should you ask for and how do you check it?

In terms of content, this training can be combined with elements from the awareness sessions. For example, a person with a disability can take part for a demonstration and to answer questions.

Laying an accessible foundation?

Do you want to lay a solid foundation to build your organization's accessibility efforts?

Technical digital accessibility training

Do you want to provide your team with the know-how to start building accessible websites right from the the start, then this training is what you're looking for.

We'll start with the basics on digital accessibility and what it entails. After that we'll look at the options that exist on a technical level for you to use and start writing accessible code. We'll tackle various types of frequently used website components, how to build them using proper HTML and leverage techniques like WAI-ARIA.

We'll examine the WCAG succescriteria and look at tools you can use to start testing accessibility early in the development process. That way you can be sure that the code you deliver is properly usable and accessible. There is also the option to include the basics of screen reader usage.

Deepen your technical knowledge?

Do you want to increase your technical knowledge and learn everything about WCAG, WAI-ARIA, writing accessible code and learning to test during the development cycle?

Training testing digital accessibility

You would like to learn to recognize common mistakes yourself and be able to indicate what a good solution would be? This practical training, aimed at learning to for test common accessibility problems, will give you a good start. After this training you will know how to broadly assess a website and keep it accessible over the years. 

We'll spent some time going through the WCAG succescriteria and after that we'll dive right into testing. By means of many tips, tools and information you learn to recognize problems and to tackle them or prevent them from now on. We'll test websites relevant to you and you'll learn how to properly document your findings. This means that after the training there is a clear list of issue you can take home and get started with.

Testing accessibility yourself?

Do you want to learn how to do basic assessments on your website(s)?

Customizations and in-company options

All training is possible in custom form and in-company. If for example, you want to train your whole team of developers on accessibility an in-company training is a smart and economical choice.

Of course we'll put together your program together to tailor to your needs and wishes.