Awareness sessions

To get accessibility on the roadmap

So, You want to make work of digital accessibility in your organization, but you have trouble getting other people on board? You run into comments such as "why is all that necessary?" or maybe people are assuming that it all just works while you see it doesn't? 

Many people cannot imagine what it's like to use modern technology when you live with a disability or they have no idea of the types of disabilities there are and the effects they have.

The awareness sessions are aimed at giving people more insight into these situations. By sharing knowledge and discussing examples, I help them get a better understanding of what accessibility means in the digital world. 

I can demonstrate real-life situations by means of various simulations. They will discover that digital accessibility is not just about people who are blind. The goal is that they will find that everyone ultimately benefits from an accessible website, including themselves!

For these meetings there is the extra opportunity to include a person with a disability to provide attendees with hands-on experience. This way the session becomes even more practical and it provide people with the opportunity to ask question to an expert.

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Want a more technical session?

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