Digital Accessibility Check-up

A quick checkup on the more common issues

Note: In Dutch the term 'Quickscan' is often used. Although it might sound English it is not. I'll use the term check-up. The check-up is a much smaller form of the bigger WCAG-EM audit.

First, just as with an extensive audit, i'll make a representative selection on the website for the testing sample. Then I'll test this sample on common accessibility issues and document my findings in a report.

Why a check-up instead of a full audit?

The check-up is ideally suited if you want to have initial insight in the state of accessibility on your website(s). You can then use the results to, for example:

  • Solve the identified problems
  • The report can serve as a consideration in the decision to adjust or renew a website.
  • Determine priority within your schedule

If, after performing a quick scan, it is decided to have an entire audit performed, the results can be included during the audit. In this way we avoid double costs and lost time.

Need a digital accessibility check-up?

Want to know if a check-up is the right first step for your organization?