Advies en ondersteuning

Voor als je een beetje hulp wel kunt gebruiken

Sometimes you get that question to post inaccessible content and you're looking for an accessible alternative. Or you've gotten a bunch of data and the only option seems to be to use a table but you need help with that. 

In those types of situations it's nice to have a person, with who you can discuss possibilities or have a good accessible HTML table drawn up, which might not be possible inside your CMS.

I can provide support in the field of digital accessibility for your organization. This could be related to a project, such as for your website, when purchasing new online systems or around a specific theme within your organization. There is also the option for ad-hoc or prepaid support.

I can help your organization with:

  • Implementation of digital accessibility
  • Raising awareness within the organization
  • Support with publishing accessible content
  • Create or remediate accessible (PDF) documents
  • Advice on purchasing
  • (Technical) training on WCAG and WAI-ARIA
  • and more..

Have an accessibility question in your organization?

Feel free to contact me and I'll gladly go through options with you.